After punching the clock at my rural library I spent several hours online, rephrasing endless searches and grinding the DIY community posts down to the ones that matched my idea.

I want to build an eight-sided pavillion that would contain an ornate two-way mirror which would slowly reveal a mask to the viewer, just as they’re looking at themselves in the trick glass.

Here’s my search history in a severely abreviated form — I won’t include every dead end encountered in the Net’s giant ant colony:

  • routing wooden platforms for theatre flats
  • metal channels for sliding doors
  • Building a RenFaire booth
  • Theatre sets made out of PVC tubing
  • set design and construction
  • kids playhouse made of PVC
  • Hallowindow
  • octagon made of PVC
  • PVC frame for theatre flats
  • Puppet 101: puppet stage
  • decorating medieval pavillions
  • medieval tents (image search) the Carlos V tent
  • “PVC-made Fairy-Tale Fort!” (DIY instructions obviously written with Google Translate)
  • U-Line honeycomb cardboard flats

I felt like a twitching Matrix character who’d been jacked into the Internet too long, but I came away with a plan for an 8-sided PVC frame for a canvas pavillion. My head crackled and popped for hours before I could finally wedge myself into a jittery sleep.


One thought on “Matrix Neuro Download

  1. You have a way with words that draws the reader through the narrative and illuminates a shadow play into a technicolor preview.. Now a faithful follower of the cult of of modmyst.

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