Plaster strip mold + Hare mask

Plaster strip mold + Hare mask

I spent an anguished half-hour looking for this plaster-strip mold, pictured here on a blue tarp.  Because Dawn Dale‘s “March Hare” was shaping up so handsomely, I panicked that the long, sculptural process that I undertook, involving a whole lot of  thinking about an iconic Pooka with a touch of La Tène style — would be lost once I’d finished this commission, which put my heart in my throat where it pounded like a frightened bird caught in the crosshairs.  But I eureka-ed when I found it behind the “Raven” mold, and my heart found a sweet spot of relief. “Ouf!” Said I in a kind of Frenchified exhalation. I’ll word associate freely here: “ouf!” makes me think of *flouff*, the sound that  a 1950’s crinoline makes as you flounce into a seat opposite Mavis Gallant in a Paris café. I’ve been thinking a lot about Gallant these days.  The ex-pat Canadian writer died last week, she deserves a post all of her own.

Back to the Hare: note the rabbity nostrils!  Redefined by PVC foam quarter-inch backer rod. If you want flare, then the PVC foam can be curved, shaped and held while you tack it with a miniature glue gun.

I’m going to have to make a template of the ears.  I made the poster board originals quickly and neglected to archive the pattern.  You see that I’ve fleshed out the leaf-shaped ears, I did this using a layer of synthetic batting that you can buy in fabric stores, edging them with one-inch backer rod split in half, then covering the whole effort with a skin of two inch wide paper masking tape.

I needed to give the foot long ears a masking tape skin because Jonni Good’s recipe for shop towel mâché requires a paper surface to adhere to.

À suivre… Bunny gets a bluing.


2 thoughts on “Haring Around

  1. Sounds like quite the process, but he’s handsome, all right. I like the slightly smirky grin.

    On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM, De Sotto Voce

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