french3dclitlargeThe 3D printed clitoris will be used in French sex education lessons from  primary level on up, starting September 2016.

French sociomedical researcher Odille Fillod has made an open-source, 3-D model of the clitoris that according to The Guardian and Slate, will revolutionize women’s sexuality in particular and humanity’s in general.

Apparently, one of the things that’s revolutionary about this anatomical model of a woman’s buried erectile tissue is that it’s BIG.  A big, three-dimensional  8 inches, which means it could undoubtedly challenge the flaccid penis with a boisterous “En garde!”  The Slate and Guardian narratives imply that this  substantial blood-and-neuron-rich organ strikes a decisive blow for women’s equality, in that it’s made of the same stuff as a penis and is a strapping contender.

Now I’m all for this kind of serious teaching tool, especially since the human clitoris has been repeatedly excised from the medical and cultural records. And forty years on from publications like Our Bodies, Ourselves and The Hite Report,  here it is, making the news like the discovery of HMS Erubus, even though the Inuit told them. Where. It. Was. Two centuries ago.

But I’m bothered by the need to emphasize the size. Not out of some prissy, fainting-couch recoil from anything that’s not dainty female-wise; but because it sounds like man is still the measure of woman.

I’ll have to concede that bragging in 3-D is necessary however, considering the times that have us in a vise.  Porn culture has created a standing storm of misinformation, a blizzard that whites-out women’s desire and bodily integrity. Porn’s narrative is fish-gutting after fish-gutting, an endless pistol whipping delivered by an unlikely tube steak. So the unseen, unheard woman in the blizzard may very well leave a trail of bright pink clitorides in the snow, hoping that when the gale passes and the Spring comes, the genuinely curious will stumble across them.  Then she can say in a clear, calm voice:

“This is my body, and I claim it…

…Yet again!”


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